"Our Insurance Company Was Taking Advantage Of Us."

"Pete Romero is a very unique individual; and when I first met him it was under the tough circumstances of having lost our home. His approach was honest and straight forward, no gimmicks, he taught us how to deal with the insurance companies; and when we could not get any further he stepped in and helped us get the rest of the money we were owed but could not get on our own. Pete has integrity in a World that has forgot the meaning of honesty in doing business. I will always be grateful and consider him a dear friend.”

William Piatkiewicz
Tucson, Arizona

"Pete Romero Was Able To Negotiate Successfully With Our Insurance Companies. He Helped Us Substantially."

"After our loss of over 70% of our community we were besieged with all sorts of adjusters and attorneys making all sorts of promises. It was as if we were the South being invaded by carpetbaggers promising to help, but just wanting to pick the bones of our community. Pete Romero of Unity Adjustments had a different approach, he became involved in our community, helped get us organized, helped us through the process with free seminars teaching us how our polices worked and how to approach the insurance companies to benefit us, not them. He is a very smart man, he knew the insurance companies would only go so far, and still use the tactics of “Delay, Deny and Demoralize”. With the relationship and trust he had built up with us, he took us all the way to get additional funding we could not get on our own. He truly saved this community; and we will always be indebted to him for that!”

Bob Zimmerman,
President Mount Lemmon Realty
Past Chairman of the Mount Lemmon Fire District

"We Had Replacement Value Insurance...What The Insurance Company Offered Would Replace Our Contents... BUT ONLY If We Shopped At Goodwill."

"The insurance company sent their adjuster out, we had been paying for Replacement Value insurance, and I was assured that we would have no problems in replacing our property. The money they offered was not nearly enough, and we considered not rebuilding. Pete Romero of Unity Adjustments was able to get us enough money to rebuild AND replace the contents of our cabin."

Carrie Reitz
Tuscon, Arizona

"I Had Insurance For Those With A Military Background...That Was Not Enough."

"I have traveled the road you are no doubt on right now.  Having insurance with a company for those with a military background was not enough, but we worked it out with the help of Pete Romero of Unity Adjustments."

James Vaughn
Tuscon, Arizona

"Peter Romero and Unity Adjustments joined us and lead our fight against our community's over 30 different insurance companies. They were able to resolve our settlement difficulties. Thanks to the expert guidance of Peter and his associates, we were able to settle and close our claims fairly; and in some cases, for substantially more than our policy limits. By helping so many individuals and businesses, Peter was instrumental in the rebuilding and return of our community."

Ross A. Quigley,
Ex-President Mt. Lemmon Home Owner's Association
Mt. Lemmon, Arizona

"My wife, Kathy, and I were in shock following the devastation of the Aspen Fire on Mount Lemmon, Arizona. We were in no condition to battle our insurance company, but that is exactly what we were faced with. Our hearts go out to anyone in similar circumstances. Peter Romero and Unity Adjustments gave us all hope, and then a resolution. We now consider Peter a valued friend. I recommend the services of Pete Romero and Unity Adjustments without reservation."

Rod Shields
Tucson, Arizona

"We lost our family cabin to the catastrophic Aspen Fire in the Santa Catalina mountain range. We settled with the insurance company for what we thought was a fair amount, but delayed the start of rebuilding for a number of reasons. Peter was able to reopen the claim for us, and secure a tremendous improvement in the settlement for us. We could not have rebuilt the cabin without the additional insurance money. He was very professional and easy to work with."

The Simonian Family
Tucson, Arizona

"Dealing with our insurance company was almost as bad as losing our home to the forest fire. We went back and forth with the insurance company for 2 years, as they kept trying to stall and wear us down. Peter Romero assured us he could get results, and he really did! Once Unity Adjustments took over, the claim was resolved within three weeks. My only regret is not hiring Peter from the beginning. Luckily up until then, I never knew what a Public Adjuster was. Now that I know, you would have to be crazy not to let him review your claim."

Stan & Sally Coulthard
Tucson, Arizona

“Because of water damage, I had lost just about the entire inside of my store. I knew I had a serious problem and was going to need some help. I was one of the first businesses to hire a public adjuster. I think our public adjusters started working for me just 5 days after the hurricane. As a result, I was one of the first businesses on the beach to reopen for the busy holiday season."

Dale Hibach,
President, TSS Sportswear
Panama City, Florida

“We were so happy when we met with our public adjusters. They took the time to explain our policy of insurance and the entire claims process. Our public adjusters and their staff spent numerous hours going through our loss and documenting it in detail. They kept us informed through the entire process and our claim ended up settling for considerably more. Their performance was simply Fabulous.”

Ms. Bracewell,
President of Home Owner Associations, Ambassador Condominium and Resort
Panama City Beach, Florida

"What a tremendous weight was lifted off of my shoulders knowing we had someone batting for us in the negotiations. I was able to concentrate my efforts on rebuilding. We were able to accomplish all our repairs with the funds that were left after we paid our public adjuster for their services, which was a very nominal fee compared to the amount that we were able to receive -- a final settlement that was four times higher than the insurance company’s original offer."

Luke Pinegar,
Director, Noah's Ark United Methodist Church and Retreat
Panama City, Florida

"This is the first time I have ever been involved in a catastrophe like this. I had over 900 individual unit owners that wanted answers and wanted to rebuild. We were in for the fight of our life. My public adjuster brought in numerous experts to document our claim, and after innumerable battles and getting Senator Connie Mack involved, our claim settled for almost two million dollars. It would have been impossible without our public adjusters' expertise and attention to detail."

Mr. Jerry Couch,
Owner, Tropical Breeze Resort
Panama City, Florida

“Unity Adjustments¹ has more than earned my personal respect, admiration and thanks for your achievement in resolving our claim for triple the amount we had been anticipating. I am thrilled! I intend to introduce this remarkable group to the top management of the most successful property development company in the tri-county area.”

Barry Menin
Board of Directors, Imperial House Condominiums
Miami Beach, Florida


¹While in Florida, Peter Romero and Unity Adjustments created a joint venture with Ron Delo using the name “The Public Adjusters".

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