Recovered More Property Insurance Money

Panama City Beach, Florida

Our Home Owner Association insurer's adjuster told us that because we had made them a "Sweetheart Deal" for the use of the Condo Association's Clubhouse as their Regional Claims Headquarters, we were more than fully paid at $1.2 Million. This by the way, took nearly a year. Within 90 days of hiring Pete Romero of Unity Adjustments1, we received another full $1.3 Million... which more than doubled our actual recovery!

John D. Lincoln, III
President, EBRCAI Board of Directors
Panama City Beach, Florida


1 While in Florida, Peter Romero and Unity Adjustments create a joint venture with Ron Delo using the name "The Public Adjusters."

"Pete Romero helped us to unify the community."

"330 homes were lost, and over 30 insurance companies were involved. Pete helped us get fair and equal treatment from each of them."

Ross Quigley


"Our community was destroyed."

"One Public Adjuster stood out above the rest - Pete Romero."

Bob Zimmerman

underpaid condominium insurance claim

underpaid condominium property insurance claims

“Unity Adjustments¹ has more than earned my personal respect, admiration and thanks for your achievement in resolving our claim for triple the amount we had been anticipating. I am thrilled! I intend to introduce this remarkable group to the top management of the most successful property development company in the tri-county area.”

Barry Menin
Board of Directors, Imperial House Condominiums
Miami Beach, Florida


¹While in Florida, Peter Romero and Unity Adjustments created a joint venture with Ron Delo using the name “The Public Adjusters".

underpaid insurance property claim settlement

Destin, Florida
Retained to produce an accurate damage assessment, retain all experts, and produce exhibits along with supplying the arbitration representative. Our Public Adjusters were successful in raising the final offer of $60,000 to $500,000.

Navarre Beach, Florida
Retained to represent this seven-story condominium for windstorm and flood damage sustained in Hurricane Opal. The Public Adjusters were responsible for securing arbitration awards representing increases of more than 40% over the "full and final" offers from both insurance companies.