When Disaster Occurs, Unity Adjustments Is Right Here To Help Survivors Get Fully Paid All That They are Owed by Their Insurance Company for Their Insured Losses. They Are multi-State-Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters.

Unity is led by Mr. Pete Romero, President. He has been a Public Insurance Adjuster since 1985... just after his home burned down. In 1989, he formed Unity, which has been involved in more than 20 Federal and State-declared disasters, spanning 26 years... most notable are:

  • Firestorms: Mt. Lemmon, Sierra Vista, Oakland/Berkeley, Los Alamos
  • Hailstorms: Phoenix/Glendale/Scottsdale/Mesa Valley, Arizona
  • Hurricanes: Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico
  • Earthquakes: "Whittier" and "Northridge" in California

In an effort to reach as many survivors in the community as possible, Pete practices a style of becoming part of that same community in order to help there. He often provides full-time Pro-Bono (free) Volunteer work teaching and answering questions about your property policy and how to prepare and present your claim to your insurance company, which benefits both you and your recovering Community. In particuler, he assists by:

  • Making presentations and workshops (informational seminars with question and answer sessions) to small and large survivor groups with policy, claim, and recovery questions,
  • Reviews policies, entire clam files, and makes sure that the Policyholder is "on track", or gets "back on track" quickly, so that they may recover much more legitimate payment for their loss than they would have been able to do on their own,
  • Explaining replacement cost valuation of a home or building, what living accommodations survivors are entitled to, how to document/prepare/present/negotiate personal or business inventories, or a business interruption loss, how to getthe business back up and operating, asap, and much, much more
  • Educating individuals and businesses on how they can recover additional money on their own without paying any fee to anyone, on a one-on-one basis or in groups of policyholders.
  • Working with survivors who have been paid the "settlement" that their insurance company decided was enough, and then choose to ask for Unity's professional assistance to recover the rest of the money legitimately owed to them from their policy which they had been unable to recover themselvs.

Pete says, We have the personal claim involvement, and the years and depth of experience necessary, to help survivors understand the complexities of their insurance claim. He adds: I personally am glad to answer survivors claim and policy questions most anytime. I take all possible calls, and I will return any I may have missed within 24 hours.

Most other public adjusters arrive immediate after the event to get as many contracts signed as possible. Probably you do not need to hire a public adjuster, attorney or general contractor at that time, until you either reached a settlement or ran into some problems or serious concerns. However if you just do not have enough time, have serious medical problems, other very time consuming obligations, or committed longer-term travel, that is a different story.

If any of the above difficulties apply to you early on in your claim, then before signing any "release" or "Settlement Agreement" from their Insurance Company, consider this: Pete says: Instead of trying to obtain signed contracts, I provide free "pro-bono" policy and claim help and guidance to policyholders with losses, until if and when they decide that they want professional help. And Unity stays involved with the communities we serve, until the claims are satisfactorily settled to our client(s) satisfaction, by our Adjusters.

He can answer your questions, uncertainties, and concerns over the phone; or if you prefer he will personally meet with you to review and help to resolve them. Of course, he will always agree to meet with you for an hour or so for a complete policy and claim review. If he determines that your all OK, then you can continue and/or close your claim with the peace of mind that a very dedicated, experienced professional public adjuster has reviewed these matters with you and determined that you are OK. If he feels that you are not OK, or that you are still entitled to significant money from your claim, which you were unable to obtain for whatever reason, then you may want to consider using Unity" professional services.

Currently, Unity is helping the neighborhoods affected by the 2012 Waldo Canyon Firestorm in the Mountain Shadows area of NW Colorado Springs, Colorado. Some policyholders have been Denied or Under-Paid, and already found out that they have to do battle with their insurance company over how much coverage they really have (you believe you have a certain amount but your insurance company says that you have significantly less). Or your insurance company claim rep tells you that they will take a consistent percentage "straight line" depreciation from your property losses... and this is not allowed!

Others are told to live in small apartments or rental homes, when the home they lost was significantly larger and more comfortable. They are entitled to live in the lifestyle that they are accustomed to, until their claim is finalized (not just "settled" with a low offer), and their home rebuilt and/or replaced at the loss location or even in some other State. They are fully entitled by their policy, to maintain the same style of living, "that to which they are accustomed", in a nearby location, or perhaps even settle for an RV to hook-up and stay right on their own property while their claims become resolved fully, and they rebuild there, if that's what they prefer to do, Many will be told that the "settlement" that their insurance company wants to pay is all that they will receive, but that is just an offer by their company. However, after awhile, many simply tire of the financial stress and pressures, the uncertainty, and the disagreements; and then they will simply give up and allow their insurance company to either Deny or "Settle" the claim as they wish, while that policyholder just goes back to pursue their business and/or life, without having been "made whole", as their insurance policy and the agent had promised them.

However, the majority of those affected will most likely soon learn that they are entitled to a significantly larger claim payment. With the help on this website, and personally from Pete, they'll learn

  • How to navigate through the complexities of their insurance policy claims process
  • How to re-open, re-negotiate and re-settle their claims for further payments legitimately due to them
  • The Appraisal (a specialized arbitration) process for disagreements over value, and how it may be premature to file suit without having demanded and concluded the full Appraisal first, which is a policy requirement to file suit

Policyholders have recovered millions and millions of additional dollars with Unity's help... mostly after their own insurance company declared their claim "settled" (with a low offer), "paid in full", and their claim file closed.

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Call 719.232.1168 or 928.266.3737 Direct to Pete to arrange your personal policy, claim, and ongoing "settlement" review... even if you don't have your complete policy. You can also click below to sign up:

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