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Call Bob BEFORE you accept an insurance settlement

Learn How to Obtain a Much Fairer Settlement Yourself...Consider Talking With A Professional

What Damaged OR Destroyed Your Home OR Business?...

Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Earthquake?

Do you feel Uncertain, Confused, Lost, Overwhelmed, Frustrated, or just plain Worn Out trying to deal with:

- The Claim Representative or Adjuster
- Understanding your Policy
- Why Appreciating Assets are Depreciated
- Definitions from the Policy
- Interpreting and Understanding Endorsments and Exclusions
- Recognizing your Claim as a Business Negotiation
- Preparing: your Claim, the values, 4 Inventories, and/or "Proof of Loss" forms
- Being "Under-Insured" after the Agent told you that you were fully covered
- Accepting or Rejecting the insurance company Settlement (probably a "low-ball") Offer... is it fair or not, and how do you possibly know?

Remember: A "Settlement" is just an offer, not an agreement - unless you accept it.

Has it has been too easy dealing with, and maybe even settling, your property claim? If it has, then consider: Have you ever sold something so quickly and easily that you knew you had significantly under-priced it? This can easily happen to you. Then the insurance company wins BUT you lose! Remember: Settled and Closed claims may be re-opened!

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